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Colin McWhirter, PA

Experience. Intelligence. Integrity. Compassion. 


One of the area's most experienced, dedicated and effective law attorneys practicing in the Southern Piedmont and Western North Carolina region, put Colin McWhirter to work for you.

Born and raised in Shelby - Cleveland County, a devoted member of a family with a long and rich local heritage, and a well trusted member of our community, Colin McWhirter, PA has distinguished himself as a keen legal mind, a superb law tactician, and a tireless advocate and successful defender of his clients.

I Will Fight For You

Whatever it takes, I am not afraid to defend you and take your case all the way to court.  Whether you need a strong legal defense, you are involved in a civil dispute, you are going through a difficult divorce, you are addressing a family support issue, you preparing a will or trust for the future, or you simply need good, sound law advice, I am here and standing in your corner.  For over 25 years, I have protected good people just like you and helped them realize their best possible outcomes through the law.  Why settle for something less?

Get a No-Obligation Consulation

Make sure you know and exercise all your rights and receive the assertive, expert legal representation that you truly deserve.  Don't wait.  I can help.  Ask me how.


I invite you to Contact me today to schedule an initial no-obligation consultation.  Let's Talk.

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