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For more than 25 years, Colin McWhirter has been successfully defending clients as a local law attorney in Cleveland County, Gaston County and Lincoln Country North Carolina, practicing in Criminal, Civil, Family, Divorce, Personal Injury, Workers Compensation, Traffic, DWI and DWLR, and Wills and Estate Law.  A passionate advocate, skilled negotiator, experienced tactician, and recogizaed community leader, public attornery Colin McWhirter knows the law and will help you to achieve a fair and equaitable resolution within the legal system.


Attorney Colin McWhirter, has successfully represented clients throughout our local jurisdiction, including North Carolina Supreme Court, North Carolina Court of Appeals, United States Federal District Court (Western North Carolina) and throughout the region.  Whether a 1st degree murder trial or an Absolute Divorce case, Colin McWhiter has the legal knowledge and experience you need.

Colin McWhirter is one of our area's most accomplished trail attorney who has effectively represented clients in more than 150 jury trials.  More than just a effective litigator, Colin McWhirter is not afraid to take your case to trail and leverage the full scope and strength of the law system to your greatest advantage.


Represented Campbell University Law School
in John Marshall Law School Competition

Chicago, Illinois (1989)

Law Degree Graduate - Campbell University

Raleigh, North Carolina (1990)

City Attorney

Gover, North Carolina (1992-1994)


Cleveland County Mental Health Association (1995-1996)

Board of Directors Member

Cleveland County Mental Health Association (1993-1995)

Member of the Planning & Zoning Board

Boiling Springs, North Carolina (2001-2006)



"I have known Colin McWhirter for well over 40 years.  In all those years, Colin McWhirter has consistently proven his skill and compassion for aggressively and successfully defending his clients within our local courts system.  When the need arises, I believe there is no one better to turn to, no one better who will protect your interests and no one better to ensure that you receive the best possible outcome.  I trust Colin McWhirter.  So should you."  - - Loretta Cozart, Kings Mountain, North Carolina.

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