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If you need expert legal advice or assistance with a civil law suit in Cleveland County, Gaston County, or Lincoln County, North Carolina, leading area Law Attorney, Colin McWhirter, PA will assertively fight for your rights and provide you with experienced and formidable, strategic representation.  Much more than just an excellent negotiator, Colin McWhirter will represent you fully, leveraging his decades of expertise and knowledge of the law, his familiarity of the local area and jurisdictions, and his unwavering commitment to your personal welfare in order to obtain the best possible outcome on your behalf.



(704) 480-9666

Ready to Represent You.

  • Effective​ Litigator
  • Pro-Active Advocate
  • Skilled Negotiator
  • Caring & Reliable
  • Reasonably Priced

   Colin McWhirter, Public Attorney - Civil Law Defense


  • Tort Law - A wrongful act causing injury to another person, a person's property or reputation, such as battery, negligence, personal injury, fraud, medical malpractice...

  • Breach of Contract - Failure to meet or perform the terms of an agreement, such as failing to deliver services/goods as promised, failing to pay as agreed, failing to meet specified terms...

  • Equitable Claim - Requests of the court to take or stop a certain action, such as an injunction...

  • Landloard / Tenant Issue - Dispute resolution between a property holder and a tenant...

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